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We sell what you need to live healthy and happy, instead of creating a false need of unwanted products. In prevailing scenario of competition and commercialization where products are not sold because of their good quality and usefulness but on fake claims through advertisements, propaganda and emotional blackmail, we are there to serve the society and mankind in a way to provide high quality of Organic, Ayurvedic, Herbal and natural products. We also create an awareness in society on healthy eating and healthy living habits. We promote and educate on Yoga, healthy lifestyle (daily routine) based on tried and tested methods and knowledge of "Ayurveda" and "Yoga". 
We aim to remind society about our glorious past and traditional healthy lifestyle and make those products available at a reasonable price.

Our Business

Our business is to keep you well. We understand our responsibilities for society. Our endeavor is to create an awareness about nature and make people cautious of dangers of chemicals, contaminated food products, and various commonly used products which are endangering our lives and environment. 
Our aim is to make you think about your health as well as importance of nature and our country. 

AARUSUVAI MIX - A Blend of Six Tastes Powder. Only our tongue has got the capacity to convert the taste into glucose and add it to blood directly. 

Vitasmix66 is a mixture of 16 medicinal valued herbs and spices like Palm Sugar, Pepper, Mango powder, Rock salt, Pomegranate seeds, Curry leaves, Fenugreek, Roasted Bengal Gram, Garlic, Onion, Chilly, Gooseberries, Jambul Fruit Seeds, Cumin, Dry Ginger and Sitharathai.

The first interaction we have with a food or herb begins with our tongue and the sense of taste. Ayurveda recognizes six tastes by which all foods can be generally categorized. They are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Each taste has a different effect on our bodies and each organ is depended with different tastes. According to Ayurveda, a balanced meal should contain all six tastes in order to completely nourish and satisfy us. Often our foods lack one or more of the tastes which creates food cravings.

According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, any substance can be seen as medicine. Medicine is defined as a substance that aids digestion. Depending on your choices, foods can be medicinal, have no medicinal value, or act as a poison. Ayurveda defines a poison as anything that disturbs digestion. Food becomes medicine when you choose tastes of foods and herbs that balance both your constitution or prakruti and your imbalances or vikruti.

Food and herbs are intricately linked as part of a balanced health regime. Foods are used medicinally to treat the grosser anatomy while herbs are used for healing the mind and body on a deeper, subtler level. The use of Six Taste or Arusuvai (Vitasmix66) in every meal gives good tasting in food which activates our desire to taste, which cultivates a strong appetite, which in turn stimulates the power of digestion or agni. Strong agni is Ayurveda's most important indicator of good health. This is also called as Taste Therapy.

Products Information

We have many categories of products to sell e.g. Organic Food Products, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Ayurvedic Products, Traditional Food Products, Ayurvedic Beauty Products, Herbal Products, Acupuncture products, Non Chemical House hold products, Panchakavya Products, Foldable Mosquito Net and Health Related DVDs and Books.


Organic food products are grown without chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Also, no chemical processing is done while packing them. As, they are free from chemicals directly and indirectly, they become non poisonous automatically and have better nutritional value. 

Some people think that eating organic is fashion. Some say that it is costly. Both are not correct.
The fact about first statement is that a few years back all the farming was done in India was organic and farmers knew how to make manure and pesticide from natural resources. When this was done at mass level, ailments related to contaminated and poisonous food were almost nil. Due to pressure of increasing quantity of production and support of Government to chemical fertilizers their use increased drastically. At the same time farmers lost their knowledge and interest in traditional methods which was having a little hassle to make manure and pesticide. Though, it was good for environment, grown food, and economical. Presently, some researchers, scientists and users of organic food have realized that it is better the trend of organic has started and they are putting a lot of efforts to promote it.

The fact about second statement is that not all organic products are costly. Some of them are really cheaper than the one available in market. We have done comparative survey and found the same. Some of the products are 10-20% costlier that the normal products available in market. However, money saved by buying non organic will be much lesser than the money spent on health issues and hospitals after a few years due to ill effects of chemicals. So, comparing the cost and benefit organic is finally cheaper.


Ayurved says, "your food is your medicine". Most of the spices used in Indian kitchen are medicines and its medicinal properties were known by each lady in the house. But, that knowledge is no more due to influence of western culture and education system in India. We keep such products which may not be known commonly as a medicine but has better effect than a medicine without any side effect or harm to the body. It can be taken in our day to day life without any hesitation. Also, we suggest good habits according to Ayurveda. Our expertise in this field is to help the mankind and our intention is to spread this knowledge to the masses who are facing difficulties due to suffering of many disease due to bad eating and living habits unknowingly.


Traditional food products are those preparations which were used in our every household since thousands of years and we never thought about their benefits before stopping their use. They were established considering climate and requirement of this country. Now, use of such products are either considered down market or not found so tasty our health is getting affected. We try to bring them to you.


Bharat has rich culture and it has richest heritage of beauty products, jewelery and dressing sense in the world. We have range of beauty products from Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser, Ayurvedic Skin Cleanser, Face pack, Hair Pack, Various skin gels, Soaps, Aroma Oils, Natural and Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Naturally Perfumed washing powder for cloths to food supplements to nourish your skin as well as loose weight and gain weight without any adverse effect.
These products are not harmful for your body as well as our environment. They are made of all natural ingredients.

• Clay Vessels

Food cooked in clay vessels are tastier, there is no doubt about it. But latest researches have shown its superiority on nutritional value front as well. Since thousands of years people in Bharat used them. Not only that, people making these vessels were called Kumbhar. Their presence was compulsory in marriage ceremony and other rituals according to Vedic dharma. They were given money or goods in kind for these vessels according to their demand. I think, the simple reason why they given such importance because they were great scientists making useful and healthy things for the society.

In modern times, manufacturers are not aware or do not reveal the ill effects of metals used in making vessels. We have come up with special clay vessels which are convenient as well has traditional and healthy like "non Stick tawa made of clay". Other than this, cooker, water filter and Refrigerator are some revolutionary products made of clay.

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